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Infrared heater mirror

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  • ideal heater for the bathroom
  • pleasant and quick heat
  • does not fog up
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Surely you know this situation: You want to take a look at your reflection in the mirror directly after bathing or showering, but no chance – the condensed water takes away all visibility. But with a mirror heater you no longer have this problem.

The special infrared technology of our mirror heater prevents the mirror surface from fogging up. It doesn’t matter how much you shower or bathe: Your mirror is ready for use immediately afterwards – despite the high humidity!

Technical data

infrarotheizung-xl-symbol infrarotheizung-l-symbol infrarotheizung-m-symbol
Größe 120 x 60 x 2,5 cm 90 x 60 x 2,5 cm 60 x 60 x 2,5 cm
Leistung 800 Watt 600 Watt 400 Watt
Gewicht 16,1 kg 11,85 kg 7,95 kg
Position Wandheizung Wandheizung Wandheizung
Serie Spiegelheizung Spiegelheizung Spiegelheizung
Schutzklasse IP44 IP44 IP44

Where to use a infrared mirror heater?

The infrared heater as a mirror is probably the best heating system for the bathroom, but it can also be used in other rooms. It is also a good choice for the bedroom or entrance hall – after all, who doesn’t like to take a good look at their reflection in the mirror when getting dressed or on the way out the door?

Thus, the infrared mirror heater is a high-quality heating system for the entire living space. To be more precise, it is worthwhile wherever there is a need for additional heat and a mirror is an obvious choice.

In addition, it convinces – unlike a clunky radiator – with its first-class design. It is therefore a beautiful decorative element that fits seamlessly into any room design.

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Infrared heater as a mirror – what makes it so special?

Our mirror heating enjoys great popularity – and not without reason. After all, it is a heating system that can be seen! It convinces with high quality and safety, many functions and a unique look. Here are all the important advantages of our infrared heater mirror at a glance:

  • intelligent combination of heater and mirror
  • beautiful frameless design
  • energy-efficient room heating
  • healthy heating
  • system without air turbulence
  • selective heat
  • quick and easy installation

The infrared heater as a mirror in the bathroom – advantages

In principle, a heated mirror is suitable for any room, but it is particularly interesting for use in the bathroom. After all, the bathroom is not a room like any other, but has its own peculiarities.

For example, the humidity is significantly higher than in other living spaces. And that is one of the reasons why the infrared mirror heater is absolutely perfect for the bathroom. Further arguments in favour of using mirror heating in the bathroom are the following.

No fogged mirror

Surely you know this situation: You want to take a look at your reflection in the mirror directly after bathing or showering, but no chance – the condensed water takes away all visibility. But with a mirror heater you no longer have this problem.

The special infrared technology of our mirror heater prevents the mirror surface from fogging up. It doesn’t matter how much you shower or bathe: Your mirror is ready for use immediately afterwards – despite the high humidity!

Higher heat requirement

In addition to the high humidity, there is a greater need for heat in the bathroom. After a long bath or a hot shower, you feel cold much more quickly. This makes it all the more important to have the ideal room temperature so that you don’t shiver unnecessarily. Our infrared heater as a mirror puts an end to shivering from the cold once and for all.

Moreover, even the otherwise cold tiles on the floor are heated, which is very close to the function of underfloor heating. So you can finally say goodbye to cold feet and enjoy your time in the bathroom to the full. For an even stronger effect, you can install additional ceiling heating, which warms the floor many times faster.

Selective use of space

In addition, the bathroom is usually only used selectively. Nevertheless, even if you are only here for a fraction of the day, you don’t want to freeze. A bathroom heater must therefore warm up the room as quickly as possible. Practically speaking, the infrared heater as a mirror in the bathroom does just that: within a very short time, you feel the pleasant warmth of the infrared rays.

No mould growth

The heat radiation not only warms the floor, but also the walls. The big advantage is that you can prevent dreaded mould – and that is of course a decisive factor in damp rooms like the bathroom.

Warm towels

By the way: If you like to wrap yourself in comfortably warm towels, we recommend installing an infrared towel rail opposite the mirror heater. This way, the infrared rays reach the towels, which then absorb the heat and give you an extra portion of comfort after a shower or bath.

Safety of the bathroom mirror with infrared heating

Many of our customers worry that infrared heating in the bathroom is not safe. But don’t worry, our infrared mirror heater meets all safety regulations and can therefore be used in the bathroom without hesitation. Our mirror heaters are marked with the IP44 protection class and are therefore splash-proof.

And for the sake of completeness: The mirror heater should not be covered during operation under any circumstances. After all, it works best when it can give off its heat to the room unhindered. But of course it is very unlikely that the heating surface, which also functions as a mirror, will be covered in any way.

Nevertheless, should this happen, it is absolutely not a safety issue. Our infrared heater mirror is equipped with built-in temperature sensors. These prevent the heating element from overheating and automatically switch it off in an emergency.


Infrared mirror with thermostat

Our infrared heater with mirror is a highly efficient heating system that provides the desired room temperature within a very short time. If you want to regulate the temperature even more individually, you can additionally equip the mirror heating with an intelligent thermostat. This allows you to specify exactly which temperature should be reached.

Mirror heater with thermostat - how it works
Thermostat System Funk mit App

Mirror heater with thermostat – how it works

With a thermostat, you can precisely set the desired room temperature. Our infrared heater mirror then uses electricity only up to this mark and stops heating as soon as the room is warm enough. As soon as the temperature drops, the heater is activated again.

A thermostat also allows you to set certain heating intervals. This not only leads to significant savings in electricity costs, but also means that you can preheat the bathroom quite conveniently. So you enter a pleasantly warm bathroom early in the morning and can also look forward to the warmed towels after showering and bathing.
Infrared mirror with thermostat – versions

Thermostats are available in various designs. Whether surface-mounted or flush-mounted, with radio or remote control: we are convinced that you will find the right model for your purposes. Either way: All in all, a thermostat for the infrared heater mirror means low additional costs with great effect!

Installation of the infrared mirror heater

Our infrared heater with mirror is quick and easy to install. You do not necessarily need the help of a professional. Thanks to the template provided as well as the necessary screws and dowels, you can – with a little manual skill – install the mirror heating on the wall yourself.

Apart from the materials provided by us, all you need is a drill and a power source in the immediate vicinity of the heater. If you are still unsure, our video for installation can certainly help you.

Our further tip: Do not mount the mirror heater opposite windows, as glass does not absorb the heat rays. However, this is not a sensible installation anyway, as daylight would fall on the mirror from behind and create unfavourable lighting conditions.

Costs of infrared mirror heating

When it comes to heating, there is always the question of costs. For our infrared heater mirrors you only have to reckon with low purchase costs. In addition, there are no maintenance costs, as it is powered exclusively by electricity.

You can determine which heating size is right for you with the following table. The heatable room size is given in the table for normally insulated rooms with 2.5 m height.

Please note that the heatable room size may vary upwards or downwards for better or less insulated rooms. We would be happy to calculate your individual heating requirements on request and provide you with a non-binding offer!

Heater size Heatable room size* Dimensions Electrical power
infrarotheizung-xl-symbol 15 m² 60 x 120 cm 800 Watt
infrarotheizung-l-symbol 10 m² 60 x 90 cm 600 Watt
infrarotheizung-m-symbol 7 m² 60 x 60 cm 400 Watt

*These figures are based on a well-insulated room with a room height of 2.5 m.

Infrarotheizung Spiegel Detail Ecke

Buy infrared mirror heater at Heatness!

Anyone who has tried out a mirror heating system in the bathroom or other living areas will certainly not want to do without it again so quickly. Our infrared heater as a mirror always provides a clear reflection and pleasant warmth.

You haven’t had any experience with this heating system yet? Then now is the best time to do so – simply choose the right size and enjoy comfort on a whole new level!

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