Bathroom heater: The mobile infrared heater for the bathroom

Do you dream of cosy warm towels? Do you wish for a pleasantly warm bathroom straight after getting up? It doesn't always have to be a clunky radiator in the bathroom - our electric bathroom heaters demonstrate the exact opposite. Learn here what you should know about infrared heating in the bathroom and which diverse models you can choose from at Heatness.

Bathroom radiators as wall heaters

Bathroom radiator as a wall heater
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Bathroom radiators as ceiling heaters

Bathroom radiators as ceiling heaters
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Mobile radiators for the bathroom

Mobile radiator
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Efficient heating - we offer these bathroom heaters

Not everyone has the same needs in the bathroom. That's why we offer you a diverse range of electric bathroom heaters at Heatness. The different designs and installation options do not leave any wishes unfulfilled. So we are sure that you will find your favourite model with us. You can choose from the following ceiling and wall heaters.

Infrarot Badheizkörper
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Bathroom radiators as ceiling heaters

Bathrooms often need a space-saving heating system. What is more suitable than mounting it on the ceiling? Our infrared heaters for the ceiling are extra flat and unobtrusive - so they fit seamlessly into the bathroom design.

Installing our ceiling heaters is very simple - just follow these steps:

Find a spot in the bathroom where you want to mount the ceiling heater. Make sure that there is a power connection. Without electricity there is no heat!

  • Stick our template from the ceiling mounting set onto your chosen spot on the ceiling.
  • Drill four holes in the ceiling at the specified locations, then insert a dowel into each of them.
  • Screw the mounting rails to the ceiling and slide the Heatness ceiling model onto them until the heater clicks into place.
  • Now set the thermostat to your desired temperature. You will see: You will feel the pleasant warmth after just a few minutes.

Bathroom radiators as wall heaters

At Heatness you will not only find practical ceiling models, but also electric heaters that can be mounted on the wall. You can hang these up like a picture in a simple and uncomplicated way. We offer the following wall models for every taste and every need.

The Simple-series of wall heaters

Our Simple series has been given its name for a reason. It is as simple as it sounds! Due to its neutral shape and colour, the Simpel infrared wall heating is a particularly unobtrusive accessory in any bathroom. Thus, an infrared heater as a Simpel wall heater is worthwhile for you if the heating system should not immediately attract all eyes.

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Glass heater

Our infrared heating made of glass consists of a single-pane safety glass (ESG) - compared to normal flat glass, it is particularly shock and impact resistant. However, it is not only very stable, but also easy to clean and maintain. For this reason, glass heaters are often used in bathrooms. Our glass heaters also impress with their frameless design.

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Mirror heater

An infrared heater as a mirror is the ideal heater for the bathroom. It is basically nothing more than a glass heater on which a mirror surface is applied. As a mirror and high-quality heating system, the mirror heating fulfils several functions at once. On the one hand, it provides pleasant warmth. On the other hand, it prevents that the high humidity in the bathroom causes the mirror to tarnish.

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Ceramic heater

Our most powerful infrared heater is made of ceramic, which is a particularly good conductor of heat. Compared to other materials, ceramics emit a lot of heat radiation. Ceramic heaters are therefore perfect for the bathroom, where there is a greater need for heat anyway. Ceramic heating can optimally fulfil the desire for more heating warmth.

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Infrared heating as a bathroom radiator

The bathroom is a special room with its own peculiarities that set it apart from the rest of the home. On the one hand, the humidity is much higher due to the daily handling of hot and cold water. On the other hand, the need for warmth increases - especially after bathing and showering. In addition, you only spend a short time here compared to the kitchen and the like.

So a heating system is needed that meets all these requirements. Infrared heating is the right choice for you! There are many reasons why an electric bathroom heater with infrared is worthwhile. We would like to mention the following ones here:

Die Wärmeverteilung einer Infrarotheizung im Raum

An infrared heater can warm up a room in just a few minutes - to the same temperature everywhere.

Pleasant room climate

An infrared heater can warm up a room in just a few minutes. The infrared C heat rays spread very quickly in the bathroom. Not only is the room air itself heated, but also all walls and objects.
Healthy C-radiation

The rays emitted by the infrared heater have a relaxing effect on the entire body. They feel like warming sunlight. The infrared heat rays also have a positive effect on the room air and are - due to the lack of air turbulence during heating - very suitable for allergy sufferers and asthmatics.

No mould formation

Due to the high humidity in the bathroom, there is an increased risk of mould. Because the infrared heating not only heats the room air itself, but also the walls, ceilings and floors, there are fewer damp spots. Mould can thus be optimally counteracted.

Low heat loss

Only a small amount of heat is lost during ventilation. When heating with infrared, the air is not the reason why the room is pleasantly warm. The building components, on the other hand, are heated more and can store the heat well. Even after ventilation, the bathroom warms up much faster than with conventional heating systems.

Buying heaters at Heatness - many advantages

Not all heating systems are equally good - we are aware of this at Heatness. That's why we only offer high-quality infrared heaters that give you a pleasant indoor climate in the bathroom. In the following, we will show you what makes our heating systems so special.

Safety with infrared bathroom heaters

Electrical appliances in damp rooms - such as the bathroom - must meet certain protection requirements so that they can be used without hesitation. All our heating models are IP54-compliant, i.e. they are splash-proof and meet the specified protection class for wet rooms. Safe use of our infrared heaters is therefore guaranteed.

Nevertheless, it must be said that bathroom heaters should not be covered during operation. After all, they work best when their radiation can spread unhindered throughout the room. But even if you cover the Heatness heater, there is nothing that can happen. A temperature sensor protects against overheating - the heater switches off automatically if temperatures threaten to get too high.

Infrarotheizung mit Spiegel im Bad

Electric bathroom heater with thermostat

We offer a wide range of heating systems with a practical thermostat. This allows you to determine which room temperature should be reached. Electricity is only consumed up to your personal desired temperature. After that, the infrared heating switches off automatically. In this way, you not only save time, but also heat the bathroom in a very targeted way. That's why you demonstrably save electricity.

Space-saving electric bathroom heater

There is usually not much space in the bathroom. When clunky radiators spread out, you quickly feel cramped. The electric bathroom radiators from Heatness, on the other hand, are space-saving: the infrared panels can be mounted either on the ceiling or the walls.

Bathroom radiators - electric with a beautiful design

Conventional radiators are usually visually unpleasant. Our infrared heaters, however, convince with a modern and elegant design. In our range you will find the right heater in various materials and colours. Whether you choose a white ceramic heater or a frameless mirror heater is entirely up to you - in any case, all our heating systems provide pleasant warmth!

Find electric bathroom radiators at Heatness!

At Heatness you will find heating systems as ceiling or wall models in various materials, colours and shapes. So we are sure that you will find the right bathroom radiator for you! Are you undecided which model suits you best? Contact us and we will be happy to advise you.