Infrared heater for the ceiling

Are you looking for a heater that distributes heat optimally, is efficient and blends into your room environment? Then an infrared heater for the ceiling is exactly the right choice! Here, the infrared heat radiates onto the living area in a cone shape and thus warms the room environment from top to bottom. Depending on the individual room concept and personal heat requirements, we offer you different infrared heaters in design and material. Convince yourself!

Infrared ceiling heater: Our ceiling heaters at a glance

Do you like to feel the warming rays of the sun on your skin?
Then the infrared heater for the ceiling from heatness® will certainly meet your needs! Our range is versatile: from space-saving to individually adaptable and inconspicuous to a real visual eye-catcher. The essential feature of the infrared ceiling heating is its high efficiency – this is shown in the simple installation, the energy consumption and the space consumption!

Heizen mit einer Infrarotheizung

Simple Ceiling Direct

Simple – in design and use. No matter whether you need the heating system for the kitchen, living room or bathroom: The neutral shapes and colours of this infrared heater for the ceiling are very unobtrusive and therefore blend in perfectly in the respective room.

Our infrared heater “Simple” not only impresses with its simplicity of use and appearance, but also with its high-quality aluminium. It heats up within about 5-10 minutes and releases this energy in the form of infrared radiation to its surroundings.

The result: immediate, pleasant warmth. If you want an infrared heater for the ceiling that is as unobtrusive as it is efficient, you have come to the right place with our “Simple” series.

The direct installation is suitable for a room height of up to 3 metres. Here, the installation depth is only approx. 3 cm. Thanks to the flat installation, the heater blends in perfectly with the room environment – completely inconspicuously!

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Simple Ceiling Suspended

Do you want your heating system to be the jewel in the crown of your home? Both in colour and shape, this heating model impresses with its adaptability to the respective surroundings – whether to stand out in it or to fade into the background. To ensure that the heat can be optimally distributed even in high rooms, heatness® offers suspended mounting for your infrared ceiling heating. This way, the empty space becomes useful after all – for warmth and design.

No matter what the room: the high-quality aluminiumdistributes the heat evenly from above. The efficient and electrically suspended ceiling heater is the suitable solution for every occasion.

If you have a high ceiling, i.e. a room height of approx. 3 metres, you should choose the suspended ceiling installation. This way, the infrared C-rays can optimally heat the surroundings – without losses! With this type of installation, the infrared heater can be suspended downwards from the ceiling up to approx. 50 centimetres. Depending on which areas in focus are to be specifically heated, the heater can also be suspended at an angle.

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Ceramic Ceiling Direct

The matt ceramic surface convinces not only with its texture and modern look, but also with its material – this is the highlight of the ceiling series due to its maximum emissivity. This is because ceramic optimally transmits the infrared C-rays to the surroundings, converts them into heat and is therefore the most powerful infrared heater in our range. This infrared heater for the ceiling is suitable for any room – whether in the…

  • …living room for maximum relaxation,
  • …bedroom for a pleasant climate for falling
  • …asleep and waking up,
  • …office for maximum concentration,
  • …bathroom for maximum comfort and to prevent damp.

Thanks to its white colour, the heating system also fits visually into any room – whether it is to be a visual eye-catcher or to blend inconspicuously into the room. The ceramic version of our infrared heating for the ceiling is only available for direct mounting, in size M (60×60) and L (60×90).

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What can an infrared ceiling heater do?

With an infrared heater for the ceiling, the heat radiation spreads from above into the room. This means that the floor is also quickly heated and stores the heat, which is then released back into the room. In this way, the infrared ceiling heater comes very close to the underfloor heating.

Warm feet without any underfloor heating at all – not bad, is it? In addition, the infrared rays coming from above almost feel like sun rays. In short: with this type of heating, you are perfectly equipped as soon as it gets colder outside!

An infrared heater for the ceiling also means that you can save space – after all, you don’t need a floor space or a place on the wall to hang the heating panel. And if you have a small hallway or entrance area, for example, or like to spend your holidays in your caravan , you know that every centimetre saved is worth its weight in gold!

Apart from that, you can of course adapt the infrared ceiling heaters to different spatial conditions, for example by opting for the suspended version. But: Can you really use such an infrared heater for the ceiling everywhere?

Is a ceiling-mounted infrared heating system also worthwhile in old buildings?

The question of old buildings is a frequent objection when it comes to heating with infrared. Many people fear high electricity costs due to poor insulation. In fact, however, ceilings in old buildings do not pose a problem for infrared ceiling heaters.

Because infrared heating is even more efficient on the ceiling than on the wall, you can even save electricity and thus heating costs. On average, 100 watts less heating power is needed.

Whether it is an old or a new building, you also save on maintenance costs with an infrared ceiling heating system. Because the heating is only powered by electricity, you do not need a chimney sweep: a considerable saving in the long run. By the way: Infrared ceiling heating systems are also significantly cheaper to buy than conventional heating systems.

Infrared heater for ceilings: How it works and how much it costs

How heating with infrared works is quickly explained: With the help of electricity, long-wave infrared C heat rays are emitted into the room. There, they do not primarily heat the room air, but rather all objects and surfaces – including the floor. The heat is stored and released back into the room. This means that the infrared heating does not have to run constantly, but only consumes electricity during the warm-up phases.

The price of the ceiling heater depends on the size you choose. Among other things, this makes the infrared ceiling heaters the perfect additional heating source: small price, big feel-good factor.

If, for example, you have a study at home where you only spend some time, you can generate pleasant warmth quickly and efficiently with an infrared heater for the ceiling. This heating method is also an extremely practical solution for guest rooms that are not used regularly.

If you are now wondering which size of infrared ceiling heating makes the most sense for your needs, you will find help in choosing in the table below. Please note that the heatable room size for normally insulated rooms is given with 2.5 m room height. For better or poorly insulated rooms, the heatable room size may deviate upwards or downwards. Therefore, we generally recommend choosing the larger heater in case of doubt.

size of the heater heatable
room size*
measurements electrical
infrarotheizung-xl-symbol 15 m² 60 x 120 cm 700 Watt
infrarotheizung-l-symbol 10 m² 60 x 90 cm 500 Watt
infrarotheizung-m-symbol 7 m² 60 x 60 cm 350 Watt

*These figures are based on a well-insulated room with a room height of 2.5 m.

Safety with infrared heaters for the ceiling

It of course applies that our infrared heaters comply with all applicable limit values. There is no risk of burns during normal use. This safety is also confirmed by the radiation experts of the Seibersdorf Laboratories.


expert report from Seibersdorf Laboratories

Nevertheless, our infrared heaters for the ceiling – just like any electrical appliance – are not toys for children. Therefore, we recommend not to touch the heater during operation. Especially for infrared heaters in children’s rooms, we recommend mounting them out of reach. If your child sleeps in a loft bed, the infrared ceiling heating should therefore not be accessible from the bed.

An infrared ceiling heating works best when it can emit its radiation freely and unhindered into the room. Therefore, the heater should never be covered when in operation, which of course is a very unlikely scenario anyway when ceiling mounted. If the heating panel is nevertheless covered, our heaters are equipped with built-in temperature sensors. These prevent the heating element from overheating and switch it off automatically.

Especially for public buildings, we have provided our heaters with a sticker on the front. This makes it clear that the infrared heater must not be covered either completely or partially. Absolute safety is therefore guaranteed at all times!

Infrared heater as ceiling heater: for bathrooms and co.

Where you use the ceiling heater is entirely up to you. For inspiration, we have collected some information here about what is important for infrared heating in the bathroom, living room and bedroom.

Whether it is an old or a new building, you also save on maintenance costs with an infrared ceiling heating system. Because the heater is only powered by electricity, you do not need a chimney sweep: a considerable saving in the long run. By the way: Infrared ceiling heating systems are also much cheaper to buy than conventional heating systems.

Infrared ceiling heaters in the bathroom

In the bathroom, the need for heat is greater on average than in the other rooms of the home. So an infrared ceiling heating system is all the more suitable for this room, as it not only heats the walls and objects in the room, but also the floor. This makes shivering after a shower or bath a thing of the past!

By the way, infrared heaters for the ceiling do not only serve heating purposes in the bathroom. They can also prevent mould, as moisture cannot collect in the walls and mould spores thus have no basis for life. Considering the high humidity that inevitably develops quickly in the bathroom, the prevention of mould through infrared heat is a health benefit that should not be ignored.

For electrical devices in wet areas, certain protection requirements must always be met, more precisely the IP protection categories. So that you can use our infrared ceiling heaters in the bathroom without worrying, all models are splash-proof and have the required IP65 protection class when delivered.

The safe use of such a heater in the bathroom is therefore guaranteed. If the heater is not plugged in with our supplied plug, but supplied with power via a wall connection, for example, an even higher protection class can be achieved.

Ceiling-mounted infrared heaters in the living room and bedroom

No doubt about it: the bedroom and living area should also be nice and warm on cold days! Infrared ceiling heaters are ideally suited for this purpose. By the way, another argument in favour of this type of heating is the fact that it does not cause the much-cited “dry heating air” and the room climate always remains pleasant.

If you want to install an infrared heater for the ceiling in the living room or bedroom, we recommend placing it clever: Install the heating element slightly offset above the area where you spend a long time. This could be the foot of the bed or the couch table, for example.

Infrared heating: ceiling mounting

You can install our infrared ceiling heaters either directly or suspended from the ceiling – and without any help, because the installation is done in no time. Which mounting is the better choice always depends on the individual circumstances.

Direct mounting on the ceiling

With direct ceiling mounting, the total installation depth is only about 3 cm. Due to the flat installation, the heater appears almost invisible on the ceiling. By the way, you can mount the infrared heater on any type of ceiling, be it concrete, plasterboard or any other material.

You only need a drill for the installation, the rest of the accessories are already included in the delivery. After unpacking, simply choose the spot on the ceiling, stick on the template and drill at the markings. Now you can insert the plugs and attach your ceiling heater – and it is ready for use.

This surface-mounted installation is absolutely safe and requires no specialist knowledge. The longest decision will probably be where exactly to hang the heater! In the video you can follow the direct installation step by step.

Suspended installation from the ceiling

With this type of ceiling installation, the infrared heater can be suspended downwards from the ceiling up to approx. 50 cm. Of course, it is also possible to suspend the heating element at an angle, for example, to heat individual areas more specifically.

If, on the other hand, the ceiling is slanted in an attic flat, for example, you can hang the infrared heating straight down. Please note that installation is somewhat easier with some ceiling constructions (beams etc.) than with others.

Regardless of which installation you choose, the following always applies to an infrared ceiling heater: It is as easy to install as it is to remove. This is very practical if you are moving house or want to hang the ceiling heating in another room.

Heat from above, in seconds: What works wonderfully with the sun’s rays can also be done within your own four walls thanks to an infrared ceiling heating system. Around the clock, all year round – we think that’s not bad, but why don’t you convince yourself of our infrared ceiling heaters!

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about an infrared heater for a ceiling

Where do I install an infrared heater?

The infrared ceiling heater is placed where the focus of the heating should be. It should not be placed directly above the head, as this is the area that reacts most sensitively to high temperatures. Instead, it is advisable to place the ceiling heater slightly offset, e.g. above the couch table. The same applies to the dining, working and sleeping areas.

Which infrared heater is recommended?

Infrared ceiling heating is a particularly space-saving and inconspicuous heating solution. That is why it fits perfectly into every conceivable room. Infrared heaters for the ceiling are particularly recommended for the bathroom – because here they work in a similar way to the principle of underfloor heating. The rays coming from above heat the floor.

How long does an infrared heater need until it is warm?

At heatness® you will find infrared heaters in three different materials: aluminium, glass and ceramic. Depending on the material, the surface of the infrared heater heats up after about 5-20 minutes. At the same time, the infrared heater begins to radiate heat into the room.

To what extent is heating with electricity sustainable?

With ecologically generated electricity, such as from wind power, you heat in an environmentally conscious way – especially with a photovoltaic system. This type of electricity generation not only benefits the environment, but also conserves resources. Of course, it is also important to pay attention to the electricity consumption and energy efficiency of the electricity heating system.

What should I pay attention to when heating with infrared?

When heating with infrared, it is important to pay attention to the construction, i.e. the insulation, of a building. Infrared heating is particularly suitable for new buildings, renovated old buildings and small garden houses.