How to get your heating

Choosing the right infrared heater is done in 4 easy steps with heatness®. Here, you benefit from the experience of thousands of satisfied customers, which we have naturally incorporated into our product development. So we can offer you different models of infrared heaters and thermostats, which are optimised for your respective application. Practical accessories extend the application possibilities of our infrared heaters even further.


Size of the room* Heating size
15 m² infrarotheizung-xl-symbol
10 m² infrarotheizung-l-symbol
7 m² infrarotheizung-m-symbol
5 m² infrarotheizung-s-symbol.png
4 m² infrarotheizung-xs-symbol.png

*These figures are based on a well-insulated room with a room height of 2.5 m.

TIP: If the insulation is poor or the heat requirement is higher (bathroom), round up or go for the next larger heater!

Infrared heating
Wall heater
Ceiling heater
Freestanding heater

TIP: No matter which position you choose, the most important thing is that the heater “radiates” unhindered to where you want it to be warm.

Wall heaters

Simple models
Picture heater
Glas heaters
Mirror heaters
Simple models
heatness Thermostate sind konform mit der Ökodesign Richtlinie der EU

All heatness® thermostats comply with the EU Ecodesign Directive

All heatness® thermostats comply with the European Commission’s Regulation No. 1275/2008 and are therefore characterised by particularly low power consumption. In addition, our thermostats naturally meet the Ecodesign Directive and thus comply with the requirements for a modern and efficient control system for electric heating.

Easy to install with a plug-in thermostat

heatness® infrared heaters can be easily controlled with plug-in thermostats via an ordinary household socket – just like a lamp. Simply plug it in and it gets warm.

Plug in the adapter and the infrared heater, control the temperature wirelessly via radio – and you’re done.

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As easy to install as a ceiling lamp

Of course, our infrared heaters can also be controlled with a cable laid in the wall. The heater is simply wired to a wired thermostat.

For ceiling mounting, a wireless thermostat is recommended. The installation is the same as for a ceiling lamp

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Advantages of infrared heating
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Buy an infrared heater