Infrared radiators: fast heat for every room

A high-quality infrared heater transforms any room into a real oasis of well-being. With state-of-the-art infrared technology, pleasant warmth can be provided within a very short time. Heatness is your expert for infrared heaters: Our models score with the highest quality, sophisticated functionality and diverse designs. Below we inform you about our heating models with infrared technology – in our extensive range of products we are sure to have the right heater for you.

Infrared radiators

What is an infrared heater?

When heating with infrared – as the name already suggests – infrared or heat rays are used. These electromagnetic waves border on the lower colour spectrum of sunlight and are completely invisible to humans.

In contrast to conventional convection heaters, the infrared rays do not primarily heat the ambient air, but all solid objects in the room. In addition to the floor, ceiling and walls, this also includes furnishings and people. These objects absorb the infrared heat and gradually release it back into the room. This results in an even distribution of heat without – as with convection – a separation of cold and warm air masses.

Radiators with infrared are particularly worthwhile in rooms where quick and only temporary heat is needed, such as in the

  • Winter garden
  • Bathroom and
  • Training room (e.g. in the cellar or attic).

Heaters with infrared – Advantages

At Heatness we know very well: heating is not just heating. That is exactly why we want to offer you a high-quality heating system that leaves nothing to be desired. If you choose one of our infrared heaters, you will benefit from these advantages, among others.

  • Low purchase costs: The budget you have to spend for an infrared heating system is considerably lower than for other heating systems. This is because no new heating pipes need to be laid for commissioning. The connection to a mains plug is completely sufficient.
  • Fast heat: Compared to heating with convection, the desired heat can be generated much more quickly with our high-quality infrared heater – and within just a few minutes.
  • Efficient heating: Because quick heat can be provided when heating with infrared, the heating process is automatically much shorter. This saves both energy and heating costs.
  • No dust raising: Infrared heaters provide cosy warmth – completely without convection. This means that no dust is whirled up, which makes the infrared heater the optimal heating method for allergy sufferers and asthmatics.
  • Many design possibilities: Our infrared heaters impress with their wide range of design options. Whether you choose a glass or ceramic heater – we are sure that you will find exactly the model that suits your taste in our range.

Infrared radiators from Heatness – large selection

Of course, a heater should first and foremost warm up the room, but if you also want a beautiful design, you have come to the right place. At Heatness you will find a large selection of different heaters for mounting on the wall and ceiling as well as for free-standing installation with practical feet. Here we present a few selected models from our range.

Infrared picture heater

If you would like a heater that not only creates a pleasant room climate but also provides a very special eye-catcher, we recommend our infrared picture heater for wall mounting.

You can design these infrared heaters completely individually: With a picture of your choice, our picture heater can be printed easily and uncomplicatedly – in portrait or landscape format. Choose either a photo you have created yourself or one from image databases such as Fotolia or iStock. If you wish, we can also handle the purchase of stock photos.

Chair with infrared picture heater
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Infrared mirror heating

Are you still looking for the perfect heating system for your bathroom? Then we have the perfect solution for you! Our infrared mirror heater is the ideal bathroom heater that fulfils several functions at once.

On the one hand, heating with infrared provides quick and pleasant warmth so that you don’t have to freeze unnecessarily for your daily body hygiene. On the other hand, this heating model functions as a practical mirror that does not mist up even in high humidity after bathing and showering. So you enjoy pleasant warmth and have your reflection clear in front of your eyes at all times.

Infrared mirror heating in the bathroom
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Infrared ceiling heater

Our infrared heaters can not only be mounted on the wall – like the picture and mirror heaters. In our extensive product range you will also find infrared heaters for the ceiling. Here, the desired heat hits the floor directly, so that the infrared ceiling heating comes very close to the way an underfloor heating works.

The infrared ceiling heating is particularly worthwhile for the bathroom. After all, no one wants to have cold feet after a bath or shower. But this infrared heater is also ideal for the bedroom and living room. It is best to install it exactly where you want to feel the cosy warmth on your skin (e.g. at the foot of the bed in the bedroom).

Infrared ceiling heater
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Infrared floor heating

You don’t want to mount your heater with infrared on the wall or on the ceiling? No problem! In our product range, you can also choose from our infrared heating with practical feet.

This means you do not have to decide on a specific wall or ceiling position. Instead, you can place the heater exactly where you want pleasant warmth. And if your temperature sensation changes, you can simply and easily move the radiator to another location.

Infrared floor heating
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Radiators with infrared – correct installation

Once you have chosen the right heater for you, all that remains is to install it. You don’t need a craftsman to install our infrared heater models – you can do it yourself easily and without complications. For a suitable installation location, you should consider the following.

Even heat distribution: Infrared rays must be able to spread unhindered in the room. Therefore, infrared heaters must not be covered by furniture, for example. Otherwise it can quickly happen that the heater is working at full power, but only a small amount of heat is generated.

Nearby socket: The basic prerequisite for starting up an infrared heater is connection to the mains. Therefore, it is of course important that there is a socket in the immediate vicinity of the heater.

Sufficient distance to windows: An infrared heater should be installed with sufficient distance to windows. Otherwise, too much heat is quickly lost.

The exact steps for wall and ceiling installation can best be found in the instructions in our videos. In them, we explain to you – step by step – how to install our infrared heaters. You will see: You too will be able to mount your heater on the wall or ceiling in no time!

Buy infrared heaters at Heatness

Whether bathroom, bedroom or conservatory: If you want pleasant warmth in your home, our high-quality infrared heaters are worthwhile. They generate heat quickly and efficiently, are space-saving and available in many different designs.

In our extensive range, you are sure to find the heating model that exactly meets your expectations. If you still have questions or would like additional information about infrared radiators, please feel free to contact us.