Infrared heating: advantages at a glance

Infrared heating is the perfect electric heater for any application. Whether in an old or new building, in the bathroom, basement, office or industrial hall: there are many reasons for heating with infrared radiation.

We have listed the most important advantages of infrared heating for you here.


Die Vorteile einer Infrarotheizung von heatness sind überzeugend
Quick and easy to install

Quick and easy to install

One of the advantages of infrared heating is the fast and easy installation. After mounting on the wall or ceiling, the heater is simply plugged into the nearest socket. The infrared heating can also be connected directly like a lamp. This way, the cables can be laid invisibly.

If the infrared heater is not intended to be mounted in a fixed location, the heater is also available as a practical floor-standing heater. With two feet, the heater can be placed easily and flexibly in the immediate vicinity of a socket. With regard to installation, here is an overview of all the advantages of infrared heating:

  • Easy commissioning: To use the radiant heating, you only need to mount it and plug it in – in no time at all, the infrared heating can be placed and installed.

  • No installation effort: Neither pipes have to be laid nor is a special storage or technical room required for the installation of the infrared heating.

  • Low space consumption: Infrared heating is a very space-saving heating method. It only requires an installation depth of 3 cm.
  • Different variations: The radiant heating is available as wall heating, ceiling heating or additional heating with feet.
Efficient and economical heating

Efficient and economical heating

The quick heat and good controllability with a thermostat save you unnecessary heating time and costs. Due to the high efficiency level of almost 100 %, there are no line or transport losses.

A heating system with infrared radiation is also significantly cheaper to purchase than conventional heating systems. You can save up to 70 % of the purchase costs. Since our IR heaters do not need to be maintained or regularly checked, there are no additional costs here either. Here we have summarised all the advantages of infrared heating in terms of economical and efficient heating for you:

  • High efficiency: When heating with infrared, you can reckon with fast and specifically controllable heat.
  • Long service life: With our infrared heaters and their advantages, you are sure to enjoy them for a long time – without wear and tear or maintenance.
  • Dry walls: Thanks to the principle of infrared radiation, walls can be dried in a targeted manner – which in turn saves heating costs.
  • Low costs: Compared to conventional heating systems, you can expect up to 70 % lower purchase costs when buying an infrared heater.
Clean and sustainable heating

Clean and sustainable heating

An infrared heater is powered by electricity, the only energy that can be generated in a 100% environmentally friendly and sustainable way. The long life of our heaters also helps to conserve natural resources and thus the environment.

Would you like to do even more for the environment? Then combine our infrared heating with a photovoltaic system. If you heat with photovoltaics, you can generate clean electricity yourself and specifically reduce your heating costs. Because radiant heating is clean and sustainable, infrared heating offers these advantages:

  • Environmentally friendly: With green electricity, infrared heating is 100% environmentally friendly and sustainable.

  • Resource-friendly: Fossil resources are conserved during both production and use when heating with infrared.
  • Low heating costs: In combination with a photovoltaic system, heating costs can be further reduced.

Healthy heating with infrared

Healthy heating

Infrared heating has further advantages: It can be used to prevent unhealthy mould, which cannot even develop on dry walls. Since the infrared radiation only dries out solid objects, but not the air, your airways and mucous membranes are protected.

In addition, your safety can be increased when heating with infrared. There is no risk of fire or explosion with infrared heating. Even the escape of gas or carbon monoxide is not possible. This results in these advantages of infrared heating:

  • Prevention of mould: When heating with infrared radiation, all solid objects in the room – including ceilings, walls and floor – are heated. This prevents damp spots from forming and mould can be specifically counteracted.

  • Greater well-being: Infrared radiation has positive effects on health. This ensures a better feeling of well-being and health relief.
  • Maximum safety: With infrared heating, there is no risk of fire or explosion. This also means that there are no accidents involving gas or carbon monoxide.

Future-proof heating

Future-proof heating

The advantages of infrared heating can be exploited both in new buildings and in renovation projects. The simple and flexible installation and the fast heat-up time are just two of the many reasons for heating with infrared.

By controlling our infrared heating with intelligent thermostats, heating only takes place when it is actually necessary. Of course, our infrared heaters can also be easily controlled via various smart home apps. The advantages of infrared heating are therefore obvious – it is definitely the heating system of the future:

  • Sensible heating system: Infrared heating is a sensible heating method – both in new buildings and in renovations, when it serves as an additional or sole heating system.
  • Flexible installation: Our infrared heating can be easily and uncomplicatedly mounted anywhere. The only requirement is that there must be a power socket nearby.
  • Temperature regulation: With an infrared heater, the heat requirement can be precisely controlled. In addition, it is possible to save costs with a thermostat.
  • Fast heat: When heating with infrared, you can expect fast heat within a very short time.
  • Versatile heating system: Infrared heating can be combined with all thermostats and Smart Home solutions.

Infrared heating is the heating of the future. Compared to conventional heating systems, it convinces with its efficiency and sustainability. The many advantages of infrared heating are convincing all around and make it one of the most popular heating systems.

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