heatness®: Innovative technology for highest efficiency and best comfort

A good infrared heating system is characterised by several factors: In addition to a high proportion of heat radiation, it should of course also be safe and durable. Very important, obviously, is also a high efficiency, i.e. how much energy is needed to reach a surface temperature suitable for heat radiation. All these factors are ensured by a special selection of materials as well as by appropriate manufacturing processes.

Innovative technology for highest efficiency
Innovative technology for highest efficiency

What is heat radiation?

Who is not familiar with it? The cosy warmth of a tiled stove. When you are near a tiled stove, you can feel the heat radiating: that is radiant heat.
A heatness® infrared heater works on the same principle. Instead of using wood or coal, the surface of the infrared heater is heated to around 100° with a carbon heating element using electricity. Thanks to the optimised surfaces of all series, the heaters generate a cone of heat with a radiation angle of 130° and heat up to 3 metres into the room.
No ordinary heater comes close to this feeling.
You have all the advantages of the classic tiled stove, whilst keeping it clean with a fast response time in a small space – and above all, it’s affordable!

Structure of a heatness® infrared heater

Depending on the model, the front panel of heatness® infrared heaters is either made of

  • Aluminium (powder coated or with picture print),
  • Glass, mirror or
  • Glass-ceramic.

Behind the front panel is an insulation layer, which ensures maximum safety. The carbon strips underneath are the motor, the heart that converts electricity into heat. An epoxy resin layer serves as the carrier for the carbon, which withstands the developed heat and is corrosion-resistant. A reflector layer placed in front of the back plate ensures that over 94% of the developed radiant power is emitted to the front.

Structure of a heatness® infrared heater
Bandwidth to the left of the visible range of infrared heating

The spectrum of infrared radiation

Of all the radiant energy that surrounds us as humans on earth, the infrared portion is the bandwidth to the left of the visible range (light perceivable by human eyes). The infrared radiation range itself is roughly divided into near (A), mid (B) and far (C) infrared. Far infrared radiation is the safest infrared radiation in which people are allowed to spend time without any time restrictions.
heatness® infrared heaters are guaranteed to radiate only in the safe range – put your trust in safety and health.

How heatness® infrared heating works

Thanks to the optimised heatness® heating element, the infrared heat reaches exactly where you need it: in the room and to you. heatness® infrared heaters radiate objects, walls and the ceiling. These objects absorb the heat and become a reservoir. Gradually, the heat is released back into the room and the air also warms up. In this way, no energy is wasted.

Objects absorb the heat and become a reservoir.
Optimised heatness® heating element

Our patented heating element

Thanks to automated production processes, the patented “Innoefficiency” heating element can be manufactured with high reliability and in large quantities at low cost. We can pass these savings directly on to the customer. This gives you the security of having purchased quality without having to bear high production costs.

But that’s not all: the special manufacturing process enables us to apply the heating tracks very close to each other. This guarantees a much better heat distribution than e.g. heating wires. Since heating wires cannot be applied very closely without kinking at the loops, there is always a slightly cooler surface between the heating wires and thus a loss of heat radiation. Our flat carbon heating element ensures a more even surface temperature here and thus more heat.

Due to the low height of our heating element, heatness® infrared heaters are very flat and light. This means that they do not require any unnecessary space for installation and can even be mounted on plasterboard or wood without any problems.

Simple and convenient control for maximum comfort

When we developed our own thermostat, we focused on simple operation. The display is easy to read and the temperature can be easily set with the rotary knob. The connection between the intermediate plugs and the thermostat is very simple. With the “Sparmeister” app, an entire weekly programme can be loaded onto the thermostat via Bluetooth.

 Simple and convenient control for maximum comfort

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