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Towel rail / Towel dryer

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You don’t just want soothing warmth in the bathroom. After bathing and showering, you’ll want to dry yourself with cozy, warm towels. Are you looking for a suitable heating system that ensures pleasant temperatures in the bathroom and warms your towels at the same time? The infrared towel dryer from Heatness makes it possible!

Elegant towel holder made of brushed aluminum
ideal for quickly drying wet towels
screwed on quickly and easily
up to 2 towel rails per infrared heater
Suitable for infrared heaters in sizes M, L and XL

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What is a towel rail or towel dryer?

A towel dryer is a towel holder that can be attached to almost any infrared panel. You can attach the towel holder to all models in sizes M, L and XL (up to 2 holders per heater possible). You can therefore choose between glass, ceramic, mirror and simple models and can combine them with the towel rails. This system is particularly practical because it fulfills two functions at once.

Infrarot Handtuchhalter Glas - heatness
Infrarot Handtuchtrockner Keramik - heatness

On the one hand, the infrared heater functions as a fully-fledged heating system for the bathroom. On the other hand, towels can be easily hung up to warm up and dry. The result is a towel dryer that no modern bathroom should be without! Our infrared heating towel rails are specially developed for use in the bathroom, sauna and wellness area. Heating with infrared is very popular in the bathroom for many reasons.

On the one hand, an infrared heater can ensure pleasant temperatures within a very short time. On the other hand, it is possible to only heat selectively – after all, you usually only spend a limited amount of time in the bathroom.


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This is how an infrared towel dryer works as a towel radiator

Before you decide on our towel dryer, the first question to ask is what principle it works on. To do this, a clear distinction must be made between conventional heating systems and infrared heaters:

  • Convection heaters work with convection heat. The radiator produces warm air, which heats up the air in the room. Different heat zones are created because the air is set in motion. As warm air rises and cold air falls, dust and dirt particles are stirred up. Allergy sufferers and asthmatics in particular suffer from this.
  • Infrared heaters do not heat the air in the room, but all bodies in the room (walls, ceilings, floors, furnishings and people). The infrared C heat rays are stored in the individual objects and gradually released into the room. This results in a more even temperature distribution and air turbulence is avoided. A pleasant warmth can be clearly felt after just a short time. That’s why a towel dryer also functions as a towel radiator.

Buy a towel radiator – many advantages

  • Warm towels from the towel radiator
  • Vollwertige Badezimmerheizung
  • Easy to install
  • Preventing mold with the infrared towel dryer

Infrarot Handtuchhalter im Überblick

Here we have put together the most important facts about our towel dryer for you. Here’s how to keep track of this high-quality product that shouldn’t be missing in your bathroom:

You will receive an elegant towel holder made of brushed aluminum from us for quickly warming and drying towels. This device can be attached to any of our bathroom heaters,  can be installed quickly and easily and ensures a pleasant room climate. It is suitable for infrared heaters in sizes M, L and XL.



Additional information

Weight 0.4 kg
Size 65 x 12 x 4 cm
Color Aluminium, natur eloxiert
Included 1 Stk. Handtuchhalterprofil

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