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Ceiling heater Simpel Suspended

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  • perfect for high ceilings: suspended and still hung up!
  • with a heating time of only 5 minutes
  • easy to assemble in pairs
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Are you looking for a modern, effective and at the same time sustainable heating method? Then heatness® is the right choice for you! Our suspended infrared ceiling heating is ideal for high ceilings from 3 metres. Since the infrared C-rays radiate down into the room at an angle of 140 degrees up to 3 metres, the suspended installation method is optimised for high rooms – compared to other infrared heaters, the simple ceiling model has them suspended and is still hung up!

Technical data

infrarotheizung-xl-symbol infrarotheizung-l-symbol infrarotheizung-m-symbol
Size 120 x 60 x 2,5 cm 90 x 60 x 2,5 cm 60 x 60 x 2,5 cm
Power 700 Watt 500 Watt 350 Watt
Weight 7,35 kg 5,8 kg 3,95 kg
Position Ceiling Ceiling Ceiling
Series Simple Suspended Simple Suspended Simple Suspended
Protection Class IP44 IP44 IP44

Size chart

We offer a wide range of suspended infrared ceiling heaters in different sizes (M-XL). Therefore we are convinced that you will find the right heater for your purpose! With the help of the size table below, you can easily select the appropriate dimensions for the room in question.

Depending on how well insulated the selected room is, the heatable room size may vary. However, we always recommend selecting the larger heater – that way you are on the safe side!

On request, we will also be happy to calculate your heating requirements and send you a non-binding offer.

Heater size Heatable room size* Dimensions Electrical power
infrarotheizung-xl-symbol 15 m² 60 x 120 cm 700 Watt
infrarotheizung-l-symbol 10 m² 60 x 90 cm 500 Watt
infrarotheizung-m-symbol 7 m² 60 x 60 cm 350 Watt

*These figures are based on a well-insulated room with a room height of 2.5 m.

Safety factor for suspended ceiling heaters


Gutachten Seibersdorf Laboratories

All our infrared heaters comply with the applicable limit values. This means that there is no risk of burns. This safety has been confirmed by the radiation experts at Seibersdorf Laboratories:

As our infrared heaters are electrical appliances and not children’s toys, they must be kept away from children. We also recommend not touching the heater during operation. In the children’s room, it is therefore also suitable to install the heater out of the reach of children – i.e. high enough. Please also note: If your child sleeps in a loft bed, you should install the infrared heater out of reach. This applies not only to heaters on the wall, but especially to ceiling heating systems!

Ideally, the heating system radiates its heat when the radiation can reach the material freely and unhindered – i.e. not covered by furniture, for example. For heatness® heating models, the rule is that they must not be covered. For this purpose, we have provided the front of radiators intended for public spaces with a special sticker indicating this.

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