Eine heatness Infrarotheizung als effiziente Zusatzheizung

Infrared supplementary heaters from heatness

Depending on your heating needs, we have 3 sizes to choose from – for hanging or with practical feet. Thanks to infrared heating with thermostat, you can set the temperature exactly to the degree. To do this, plug both the thermostat and the infrared heater together into a socket. Set up or hang up, plug in, start heating – only heatness® makes it that easy.

You have a heating system in the whole house and still it is cool in some areas?

You can always put or hang the heatness® supplementary heaters where you need heat. The large surface area of the unit radiates heat to the desired area, providing more comfort quickly and efficiently.

Infrarot Zusatzheizung Aufstellen, Anstecken und Losheizen

Effect of an infrared supplementary heater

An infrared heater heats all solid objects, such as walls, floor, ceiling and furniture, by direct heat radiation. This heat is stored in the objects and slowly and evenly released into the room. We also feel this warmth on our skin, for example in the sun, a tiled stove or a campfire.

The latter in particular is a good example of how an infrared supplementary heater works. At the campfire you are not cold despite the low temperature, the heat radiation of the fire makes sure of that. The same applies to infrared heaters as supplementary heaters. Simply set it up in a cool room and switch it on – you’ll be warm in no time. It is not even necessary to heat the whole room. All you have to do is position the infrared heater so that the heat is radiated to where you want it to be warm.

Infrarot Zusatzheizung neben Frau Meier

Thermostats for additional heaters from heatness®

heatness® infrared heaters can be easily controlled with plug-in thermostats via an ordinary household socket – like a lamp or a hoover.

Thermostat TH07 und Empfänger RL07

Wireless thermostat with plug

  • mobile thermostat
  • with battery for exact temperature measurement
  • can control up to 4 heaters simultaneously
  • programmable with smartphone app
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Thermostat TCU

Thermostat plug

  • plug with temperature setting
  • temperature measurement directly at the device
  • controls one heater at one socket
  • not programmable
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Infrared supplementary heater at a glance:

  • quick heat without having to heat the whole room
  • flexible use, depending on where heat is needed
  • efficient control by thermostats, no additional consumption
  • pleasant room air, as heat radiation does not dry out the air
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