This is how an infrared heater works

Infrared heating by heatness® – simply heat at the best price!

Infrared heating

Infrared heaters use thermal radiation.

How do infrared heating panels work?

Infrared heaters use a similar principle to the most pleasant heat source of the world: the sun. They work completely different to conventional radiators. Just like the sun they use radiation to heat the room instead of convection.

Common heating systems directly heat the room air, which is also known as convection. When a fluid, such as water or air, becomes hot its density decreases which implies that the fluid rises. Hot air rises – cold air sinks. This has the essential disadvantage of uncomfortable circulation of air. An infrared heating panel relies on radiation which means it delivers heat directly to the furniture, the walls, the floor or even the occupants. Therefore infrared heating panels are more efficient than most heating systems because they produce instant heat. With our smart thermostats our panels are very easy to regulate. Due to the high efficiency of almost 100% there are no conduction losses.Infrared heaters provide healthy room air and prevent mould formation.

Innovative technology inside the most aesthetic heating device ever made: our infrared heating panels are a timeless and stylish way to design your rooms. We offer different models from our practical simple-series, over ceramic- to glass-models. Other than the mentioned we also have mirror infrared panels, which perfectly suit in every bathroom.


Infrared heaters are easy and quickly installed.

Fast and easy installation

Infrared heating panels run on electricity, so all you need is a usual plug socket. Contrary to common heating systems there’s no need for a boiler or additional pipework. Screw on and plug in, that’s it. Since all Heatness® devices are standalone units, they can be mounted on every wall or the ceiling, wherever you want. If you want to be even more flexible, we also offer pedestals (supporting feet) which allow to easily move the panel around the room.

Infrared heaters guarantee healthy heating.

Healthy heating

heatness® panels:
1. Help reduce mould and prevent mould formation,
2. Reduce allergies (neither dust nor allergens are circulated around the room),
3. Increase blood circulation since infrared is absorbed by the body. This results in boosted immune functionality and detoxing.
Furthermore, since infrared heating panels rely on electricity, there’s neither fire- nor explosion hazard.


Infrared heaters save money.

Heating by electricity does not necessarily imply high electricity costs. It’s way cheaper than you think. Infrared heating costs compared to electric convection heaters are lower since they require less power output. The better the insulation of your building is the less

Our most powerful panel is limited to 800W, which is the half of an average electric convection heater. Compared to conventional heating systems (gas, oil, etc.) the cost of acquisition of infrared heating panels are far lower. Additionally there are no running costs such as maintenance charges.

Acquisiton costs
Concerning acquisition costs, heatness® infrared heating panels are far more affordable (about 30%-70% lower) than other heating systems. Since the installation of our devices is very easy and fast, you can do it on your own. Plumber, electrician and other professionals are not necessarily required.
Running Costs
Heatness® Infrared heating panels are completely maintenance-free.
There are no costs such as
1. Service costs
2. Maintenance costs
3. Possible repair costs

Low heat loss significantly reduces energy consumption.
Due to infrared heating panels the brickwork is kept at a dry level. As a result, the thermal transmittance value (U-Value) increases, which means that less heat is lost.

Infrared heater

Simpel Wall

Infrared heater mounted on the wall.

Best price/performance ratio
Short heating-up time: ~5min
Pedestals available

XL 60x120cm 800W, (15m²)
L 60x90cm 600W, (10m²)
M 60x60cm 400W, (7m²)
S 30x120cm 400W, (4-5m²)
XS 30x90cm 300W, (2-3m²)

Simpel Ceiling

Infrared heater mounted to the ceiling.

Best price/performance ratio
Short heating-up time: ~5min
Direct or suspended mounting

XL 60x120cm 700W, (15m²)
L 60x90cm 500W, (10m²)
M 60x60cm 350W, (7m²)


Infrared heater glass black mounted on the wall.

Tempered glass
Elegant, frameless
Black or white available

XL 60x120cm 800W, (15m²)
L 60x90cm 600W, (10m²)
M 60x60cm 400W, (7m²)


Infrared heater mirror mounted on the wall.

Perfect for bathrooms
Pleasant, fast warmth
Does not mist up

XL 60x120cm 800W, (15m²)
L 60x90cm 600W, (10m²)
M 60x60cm 400W, (7m²)


Von heatness gibt es die Infrarotheizung, Thermostate und Zubehör

Matt ceramic-surface for best performance
Elegant, frameless design

XL 60x120cm 800W, (15m²)
L 60x90cm 600W, (10m²)
M 60x60cm 400W, (7m²)


Plug adapter with thermostat

Thermostat TCU

Plug adapter with thermostat for socket outlet
Adjustable from 5°C to 30°C
230 V / 50 or 60 Hz

Simple room thermostat, plugged in between plug socket and infrared heating panel. Dependent from your favoured temperature, the plug adapter switches the heating panel on or off.

Digital thermostat for mounting into solid wall (flush-mounted)

Thermostat TH40

Wired room-thermostat for regulation of electrical heating systems

Weekly programme, 6 temperature changes per day
Power reserve > 100 days
Clear display with integrated backlight

Different operating modes: AUTO/OFF/MANU/VACATION

Programming after single days or in intervals Mon-Fri, Sat-Sun and Mon-Sun possible
Automatic frost protection function (3°C)
Permanent switch off possible

Radio thermostat with receiver

Thermostat TH30 and receiver RL30

Radio thermostat for regulation of electrical heating systems

Battery operated, no wires necessary
Each thermostat can control up to 9 receivers
Receiver available as: adapter plug for socket outlet, flush-mounted, surface-mounted
Range of the radio link up to 30 meters

7 weekly programs with 6 temperature changes per day
Digital display with backlight

Different operating modes: AUTO/OFF/MANU/VACATION

Programming after single days or in intervals Mon-Fri, Sat-Sun and Mon-Sun possible
Automatic frost protection function (3°C)
Permanent switch off possible

heatness® –  success “Made in Austria”

Die heatness Zentrale in Wien mit Schauraum, Beratung und Logistikzentrum

heatness® is an Austrian company that has been developing, producing and selling infrared heaters in Austria since 2010. Thanks to our unique technology and our specially developed production process, we can not only score with efficiency and quality, but also with unparalleled cost-effectiveness. This puts us in the position to offer high quality infrared heaters at fair prices.

heatness® infrared heaters generate healthy heat that is affordable so that your family will have enough money left over for the finer things in life. However, quality does not only mean sophisticated technology that guarantees you long-term heat, but also safety. Special overheating sensors and selected components protect your family so accidents can be avoided.

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