A heatness infrared heater is available as wall heater

Infrared wall heaters from heatness: electric wall heaters

Are you tired of the clunky radiators in your home? Would you like a heating system instead that looks smart and provides pleasant warmth? Then Heatness is the right place for you! We have a wide range of electric wall heaters, our infrared wall heaters that will fit seamlessly into any room. You are sure to find the wall heater you have been looking for in our range. Convince yourself of our wide range of infrared heaters!

Infrared wall heating: Our wall heaters at a glance

At Heatness we are aware that there cannot be just one wall heater for every individual need. That is why we offer a variety of models that leave nothing to be desired. You will find our electric wall heaters in a variety of materials and designs. Each of our wall heaters is unique and ensures an optimal room climate.

Electric wall heaters “Simple”

We did not call our “Simple” series that for no reason. The design of these infrared wall heaters is kept very simple. Its neutral shapes and colours are inconspicuous and fit into any room – no matter if you are looking for a heating system for the bathroom, the living room or the kitchen.

Our infrared heater “Simple” not only impresses with its simplicity, but is also made of high-quality aluminium. This means that it heats up in no time and ensures that you don’t have to wait long for your desired temperature. If you want an electric wall heater that is as unobtrusive as it is efficient, our “Simpel” series is the right choice for you.

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Wall radiator with picture

The wall radiator should primarily heat the room, but if it is also a real eye-catcher, heating becomes a real pleasure. So if you prefer it less restrained, we offer infrared picture heaters for a very special style.

The high-quality heating system is printed with a picture, which makes for a real visual highlight in any room. To do this, either choose one of our ready-made motifs or send us your personal favourite picture. Whether it’s a photo from a past city holiday or an enchanting winter landscape: we’ll be happy to add a personal touch to your wall heating!

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Wall heater with infrared made of glass

Our electric wall heating made of toughened safety glass offers a very modern and elegant design. Compared to conventional glass surfaces, this toughened safety glass is very robust and easy to clean and maintain. Depending on your personal taste, you can choose between a white or black glass surface.

Due to its insensitive surface, our glass wall heater is the ideal heater for the bathroom. Here it can be used, for example, as a mirror heater or towel dryer. So if you want to avoid tarnished mirrors and dream of cosy warm towels, the glass wall heater may be the right electric wall heater for you!

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Radiators as mirror heaters

The bathroom is different from the other rooms in the home. Here, there is an increased humidity and thus a greater risk of mould. In addition, you only use the bathroom selectively, but at the same time you want quick warmth. Probably the best heating solution for the bathroom is our infrared mirror heater. Also popular in the bathroom: our infrared towel radiator.

It provides pleasant heat from the infrared heater within a very short time and ensures that the mirror does not mist up – even in high humidity. In addition to its functionality, our mirror wall heater convinces with its simple, elegant look. So it fits in with any bathroom furnishing.

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Infrared ceramic wall radiators

Our wall heaters with matt ceramic surface are convincing in every respect. Their elegant white colour fits into any room – no matter how thrown together or motley the furnishings are.

Moreover, the electric ceramic wall heater is the most powerful infrared heater in our range. Ceramic is a particularly good conductor of heat and perfectly converts the infrared C-rays into heating warmth. Although this heater can be used in any room, it is particularly suitable for the bathroom. Since the need for heat is greater here than in the rest of the home, it needs a good material that provides maximum warmth – ceramics can do it!

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Why buy radiators from Heatness?

Buying the right wall radiator needs to be well thought out. At Heatness, we only offer effective heating systems that provide a pleasant indoor climate. The following three reasons show why a wall heater from Heatness is worthwhile.

Our wall heaters are safe

All our electric wall heaters have an integrated temperature sensor. In case of overheating, the heating element switches off automatically. Especially for public buildings, we have provided our infrared heaters with special stickers – these indicate that the heaters should not be covered when in operation.

In addition, our wall heaters meet all criteria for protection class IP54 – they are thus splash-proof and suitable for use in damp rooms. This means that you can use our glass, mirror or ceramic heaters in the bathroom without any problems.

Easy wall mounting of the electric radiators

Is craftsmanship a thorn in your side? No problem! The wall heaters from Heatness are very easy to mount. All you need is 10 minutes, a drill and the enclosed instructions. You can find out how quickly the wall heating can be installed in the desired place in our video.

For wall mounting, simply follow the steps below:

  • Pick a spot for your electric wall heating. But be careful: Not every place is suitable! There must be a power connection, because without electricity there is no heat.
  • Now stick the template supplied onto your desired location.
  • Drill holes in the wall where they are marked on the template.
  • Then put a dowel in each hole and screw in the screws.
  • Stick the enclosed felt plates on the back of the profiles and attach them to the wall.
  • Now hang the Heatness heater – like a picture – on the screws.
  • With the thermostat you can set the desired room temperature.

Our infrared wall heaters are versatile

As you may have noticed, you will find numerous models for every imagination in our range. This way we make sure that there is the right wall heater for everyone. For example, we recommend our infrared picture heater if you want to put your heater in the spotlight. If, on the other hand, you want it to be as inconspicuous as possible, you should take a closer look at our “Simple” series.

The heat distribution of an infrared heater in the room

Heat distribution of an infrared heater by heat radiation in a room

Surface-mounted or flush-mounted: Installing an infrared wall heater

When installing an infrared wall heater, you essentially have two options as far as the power supply is concerned. You can choose the quick option and simply plug the power cable into the socket. Or you can make the power connection particularly inconspicuous and opt for flush-mounted installation.

Surface-mounted installation is very simple and can be done in a flash thanks to the accessories supplied. All you need is a drill and a few minutes of your time. First choose the spot on the wall where you want the heater to hang and then stick on the template.

Now you can drill the pre-drawn holes, remove the template and insert dowels so that the heater can be hung. The advantage of this type of installation is not only the simple procedure, but also the fact that you can remove the infrared heater from the wall at any time.

The flush-mounted installation of an infrared wall heater requires a little more effort, but this variant is also particularly inconspicuous. It is best to have a professional install the heater and thermostat to guarantee full safety and perfect functionality.

The infrared wall heater as a picture

Do you find white, black and glass infrared wall heaters not exciting enough? Then the infrared picture heater is exactly your choice! These heating elements have proven themselves especially as additional heating, for example in a rarely used guest room.

We manufacture the picture heaters in portrait or landscape format according to your wishes. You decide which picture adorns your infrared wall heater. Simply send us your personal favourite picture to info@heatness.co.za, preferably in a resolution of 300 dpi. We will be happy to check for you, free of charge and without obligation, whether the picture you send us is printable for the wall heater.

Alternatively, you can buy a motif from image platforms and send it to us. In this case, too, we will of course check exactly what the result will look like. The finished picture of your infrared heater will be surrounded by a white aluminium frame and will therefore look even better. And we can promise you this much: We guarantee that no one else has this individual heater!

Costs and power consumption of an infrared wall heater

How much an infrared wall heater costs depends entirely on how you want to use it. If you only need additional heating for a small room, a single heating element will probably suffice. In a large room, on the other hand, ideally there should be several panels so that the heat waves can complement each other and produce even heat. You can find an indication of which heater size fits which room in our respective size tables.

The power consumption also depends on the individual case or on how much the infrared wall heater is actually actively in use. In order to heat efficiently, however, it is important to dimension the infrared heating correctly. For example, a wall heater that is too small will not generate enough heat, but will still consume a constant amount of electricity.

Infrared wall heaters with thermostat

A thermostat allows you to control the infrared heater quickly and easily so that its power consumption is optimally utilised. You can set heating intervals and a desired temperature. As soon as this is reached, the wall heating switches off automatically.

In our range you will find various thermostats that can of course also be used for wall heating. From simple plug-in thermostats to thermostats with radio and remote control, there are various options here. As you can see: heating with infrared is a matter with many individual facets – find your own personal variant at heatness!

Infrared wall heater – the advantages at a glance

Unlike conventional heating systems, infrared heaters do not heat the room air itself, but all objects, walls, ceilings and floors. These store the heat and gradually release it to the entire room. But why is the infrared wall heater worthwhile? We have listed the most important advantages for you:

  • even heat distribution in the entire room
  • targeted radiant heat where it is needed
  • quick and easy heat

FAQs about the infrared wall heater

All further questions are answered in our FAQs.

What can an infrared wall heater do?

What can infrared wall heaters do? Look good! The wall heating becomes particularly decorative when it comes in the form of a picture heater. Which picture is used is entirely up to your personal preferences. On the other hand, there are the simpler infrared wall heaters in discreet white or black or with a glass surface.

You want it to be extra practical? Then we can recommend our mirror heaters: In rooms with high humidity, they ensure that the mirror surface no longer fogs up. In plain language, this means: no more laboriously wiping the steam off the mirror in the bathroom! After all, who wants to do that?

What is an infrared wall heater?

An infrared wall heater is an electric heating system that can be installed in rooms with sufficiently large walls. The infrared heating consists of a special infrared heating plate that is connected to material that conducts electricity well. This heats up as soon as electricity flows through it. This ensures the ideal room temperature.

How does the infrared wall heater work?

Unlike conventional heating systems, the infrared wall heater does not generate convection heat, but uses infrared radiation to provide the desired temperatures. It is not primarily the air that is heated, but all solid objects in the room (e.g. furnishings, ceiling, wall and floor). The result is pleasant warmth that is evenly distributed throughout the room.

How good is infrared heating?

An infrared heating system is characterised by many advantages: It is perfect as a supplementary heater, provides efficient heat and can specifically prevent mould. However, how good it really is always depends on the product quality and the general conditions (e.g. building insulation).

Which infrared wall heaters are there?

There is no such thing as the one infrared wall heater. At Heatness, the wall heating system is available in various materials and designs. Whether made of glass or ceramic, equipped with a picture or mirror: The electric heating for the wall can be found in many designs, so that there is the right model for every taste.