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Ceiling heater ceramic

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  • Quantity in quality: optimal heating with ceramics
  • with a heating time of only 5 minutes
  • easy assembly


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Are you looking for an infrared heater that impresses with its aesthetics and provides maximum heat output thanks to the high-quality material? Then choose our model glass ceramic ceiling. Ceramic is ideally suited as a heat conductor – and also because of its beautiful appearance, this model is our jewel. Quantity goes hand in hand with quality here: pleasant warmth that is optimally distributed in your room from above is guaranteed!

Technical data

infrarotheizung-l-symbol infrarotheizung-m-symbol
Size 60 x 90 x 2,5 cm 60 x 60 x 2,5 cm
Power 450 Watt 300 Watt
Weight 11,85 kg 7,95 kg
Position Ceiling Ceiling
Series Ceramic Ceramic
Protection Class IP44 IP44

Size chart

In our versatile assortment you will find infrared ceiling heaters with ceramic surface in sizes M and L. We are sure that you will find the right heater for your individual requirements! And if you need assistance in making your choice, it is best to use the size chart below.

Depending on the insulation, the heatable room size may vary. However, if in doubt, we always recommend taking the larger heater.

If you would like to know your specific heating requirements, we will be happy to calculate these for you and provide you with a non-binding quotation!

Heater Size Heatable room size* Dimensions Electrical Power
infrarotheizung-l-symbol 10 m² 60 x 90 cm 450 Watt
infrarotheizung-m-symbol 7 m² 60 x 60 cm 300 Watt

*These figures are based on a well insulated room with a room height of 2.5 m.

Which type of installation – direct or suspended?

The infrared ceiling heaters from heatness® can be installed in two ways: either directly or suspended. But how do you decide? It’s quite simple: The room height determines whether direct or suspended installation is more suitable.

For a room height of 2.5 m, we recommend direct mounting. For a room height between 2.5-3 m, on the other hand, we recommend suspended installation of the ceiling heating. If the heat focus is to be on a very specific area of the room, the suspended ceiling heating can also be mounted at an angle. Such a slanted heating system is optimally suited for particularly high rooms from 3 m.

Safety with ceramic ceiling heating

Our infrared heaters promise maximum safety in both installation and operation. The fact that our heating systems comply with all limit values has also been confirmed by the radiation experts at Seibersdorf Laboratories:


Gutachten Seibersdorf Laboratories

Here are a few more tips on how you can ensure pleasant room temperatures as safely and efficiently as possible with ceramic ceiling heating:

  1. Do not touch the heater while it is in operation.
  2. Do not obstruct the heater, e.g. by furniture, so that the heat can spread unhindered in the room. Otherwise the heating will not be as efficient as it could be.
  3. Never cover your heater to avoid heat build-up and a possible fire hazard. We have placed stickers on heaters in public spaces to ensure that these safety measures are observed.

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