Thermostats for electric heaters

Infrared heaters with thermostats from heatness make it possible to use and enjoy the comfort and efficiency of our infrared technology to the maximum. Whether plug-in thermostat, radio room solution or directly wired, we offer you exactly the right controls for your infrared heating.

Either with plug-in thermostat…

Thermostat plug

ON/OFF, temperature adjustable on the unit, with frost protection function


Thermostat plug TCU
Thermostat plug

Thermostat plug radio with app

Easy temperature setting by knob, create weekly programme with smartphone app and Bluetooth®, with magnetic holder for the wall

Thermostat plug radio with app

…or connect it as easily as a ceiling lamp.

Infrarotheizung wie eine Deckenlampe installiert

Thermostat system radio with app

Easy to set the temperature by turning the knob, create weekly programme with smartphone app and Bluetooth®, simply plug radio receiver into the heater

Homematic IP Smart Home
Thermostat system radio with app

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about infrared heaters with thermostat

Which thermostat for infrared heating?

A separate thermostat (wired or radio thermostat) is only necessary if the infrared heating must be connected to a socket. For heating systems that are directly connected to the house control system, you do not need a separate thermostat.

Whether you should opt for a wired or wireless thermostat depends on the one hand on how you want to control your infrared heating (e.g. via rotary knob or smartphone app). On the other hand, there is also the question of how many infrared heaters you want to control. For example, if you have more than one heater, a wireless thermostat is worthwhile. With a wired or socket thermostat, you can only control one connected infrared heater.

When is infrared heating worthwhile?

An infrared heater is very worthwhile for spot heating. This makes it the ideal heating solution for spring and autumn, when temperatures fluctuate greatly. Heating with infrared is also particularly efficient because the desired comfortable temperature can be reached within a very short time. It usually takes only a few minutes for the infrared heating to heat up.

Infrared heating is also worthwhile for people with severe allergies and respiratory diseases (e.g. asthma). Unlike conventional radiators, it does not circulate the air in the room and therefore does not stir up dust. Infrared radiation is extremely healthy and has a positive effect on general well-being – similar to natural sunlight.

Which infrared heaters are the best?

The question about the best infrared heaters cannot be answered in a general way. At heatness® we know that not all infrared heaters are suitable for every need. That’s why we offer a variety of products for wall and ceiling mounting. In addition, you can also opt for a practical freestanding heater. The choice of the best infrared heater for you always depends on the room and your personal preferences.