Buying the right infrared heating for every room

Infrared heaters provide a particularly pleasant room climate. At Heatness, you can get the practical radiant heaters in various designs for any room. If you want to buy an infrared heater, you will find a large selection of quality products. Learn more about our range here.

Wall heaters

Wall heaters

Ceiling heaters

Ceiling heaters

Mobile heaters

Mobile heaters

Infrared panels for the wall

Infrared panels for the wall

If you are thinking about buying an infrared heater, the first question is where you want to place it. The right placement always depends on the extent to which you want to heat. At Heatness, for example, you will find a wide range of different infrared wall heaters.

You need to mount these in the middle third of the room height and make sure that there are no obstacles in the radiation area. We offer wall heaters in portrait and landscape format as a picture or mirror and made of glass or ceramic. We are sure to have the right wall heater for you!

Buy picture infrared heater

An infrared picture heater not only warms up the selected room – it is also a real eye-catcher! The infrared panel is printed with a picture motif and is therefore a very special accessory for the home.

Simply let us know your desired motif and we will apply it to your infrared heater! There are several options for the image selection: For example, you can choose your own photo from your last beach holiday. Otherwise, you can choose from our diverse motif catalogue for picture heaters. Whether a fruity berry picture, a blazing fire or impressive natural landscapes: You choose the design of your picture infrared heater!

Infrared heater with mirror

A very elegant wall heater is the infrared mirror heater: disguised as a mirror, it is not immediately recognisable as a heater. Although it is operated with electric current, it convinces with highest safety in use. All our infrared mirror heaters meet the requirements of safety class IP65 and are therefore splash-proof. The mirror heater is the ideal heater for the bathroom because it…

  • …provides pleasant warmth in a very short time.
  • …can heat the bathroom selectively.
  • …prevents the bathroom mirror from fogging up.

Good to know: All our products can be used as bathroom heaters.

Infrared heaters made of glass

Infrared wall heaters made of glass combine cosy warmth with tasteful design, which can be used to enhance practically any living space. The front panel of the glass heaters from Heatness is made of ESG safety glass (single-pane safety glass), which makes it a particularly robust material.

You can get a glass infrared heater from us with a white or black glass surface and a frameless design. This gives you a very unobtrusive, elegant and modern glass heater that efficiently heats the selected room.

Ceramic infrared heater

In our range you will also find infrared heaters with a matt ceramic surface – a variant that is particularly powerful. Ceramic emits a lot of heat radiation and is therefore often used for infrared heaters. In addition to their heating efficiency, ceramic infrared heaters also have an elegant and modern design.

Buy infrared heaters for the ceiling

You want to buy an infrared heater, but you don’t have much space? No problem! We also offer infrared ceiling heaters. Because they are mounted on the ceiling, these infrared heaters are extremely space-saving. This leaves you more space for furnishings.

In addition, the radiant heat – starting from the ceiling – can spread excellently throughout the entire room. With ceiling heating, the entire floor area in particular is heated evenly.

Infrared heating panel as a freestanding heater

If you do not want to install the infrared heating in a fixed place, it is worthwhile to use an infrared heating panel as a floor heater. This way, the position of the infrared heater can be changed at any time. So if you want to remain flexible, we recommend our infrared heater with practical feet.



Infrared towel rail

Infrared radiator with towel rack

Buy infrared heaters with thermostat

At Heatness you will of course also find a wide selection of infrared heaters with thermostat. This makes it particularly easy to regulate the heat: As soon as the desired temperature is reached, the heating switches off automatically. In addition, entire daily and weekly programmes are possible with such a temperature controller. In this way, you can, for example, set the heater in such a way that you can relax in the evening in a bathroom that is already preheated.

In our diverse range, you will find thermostats that are controlled in different ways. For example, you can choose thermostats with a plug or opt for a wireless thermostat. We also offer temperature controllers that can even be controlled on the go with a special smartphone app (Smart Home).

Infrared radiator with towel rail

For the bathroom, we also recommend a practical towel rail that is mounted directly on the infrared panel. This heating system fulfils two functions at once: on the one hand, the infrared panel warms and dries the towels, and on the other hand, you benefit from a fully-fledged heating system as soon as you remove the bath towels and hand towels.

Advantages of infrared heating at a glance

Infrared heaters work completely differently from conventional heating systems. While the latter heat the air in the room, infrared heaters heat all solid bodies in the room (ceiling, floors, walls, people). There are numerous arguments in favour of the infrared principle. Here we have listed the most important advantages for you:

  • even room heating
  • pleasant room climate
  • no air swirling
  • no mould
  • long service life
  • simple installation
  • good for your health (e.g. allergy-friendly, stimulates metabolism, promotes circulation)

Why buy infrared heaters from Heatness?

There are many reasons why you should buy your infrared heater from Heatness – for example, because our infrared heaters produce heat in no time at all. Thanks to our patented carbon heating element and our specially developed reflector technology, 98% of the infrared heat is radiated. The result: highest heating efficiency!

In addition, at Heatness you will find infrared heaters and intelligent accessories for every purpose and every room. So we are convinced that there is a suitable infrared heater for you in our range!

FAQ: Frequently asked questions before buying infrared heaters

Which infrared heater is recommended?

At heatness® you will find many different infrared heaters for the wall, ceiling or as practical floor-standing units. Which model you choose always depends on your personal preferences and the room in which you want to place the infrared heater. For the bathroom, for example, we recommend our practical infrared mirror heater – a fully-fledged heating system and mirror in one. The best way to find out for yourself is to take a look at our wide range of products – this way you are sure to find the best infrared heating system for you.

How good is infrared heating?

Infrared heating is a unique heating system whose produced heat is reminiscent of natural sunlight. Infrared radiation provides a greater sense of well-being and makes a positive contribution to general health. It creates a pleasant room climate that is easy on the respiratory tract and mucous membranes, relieves tension pains and helps with severe allergies.

In addition, infrared heaters are quick and easy to install: Screw them on, plug them in and you’re ready to go! If you are not sure how to mount our ceiling and wall models, one of our videos can probably help you.

How does infrared heating work?

Unlike conventional radiators, infrared heating does not heat the air itself, but instead all solid objects and boundary walls in the room. These absorb the heat and gradually release it back into the entire room.

The heat produced is thus distributed regularly without being lost quickly. With infrared heating, there is also no air build-up or turbulence, so this heating system is particularly suitable for allergy sufferers and asthmatics.

How many watts does an infrared heater need?

The wattage required for an infrared heating system depends on the size of the room, the number of outside walls and the average annual temperature outside. Basically, the larger the room, the higher the number of outside walls and the lower the average annual temperature, the more wattage the infrared heater needs to produce. The following table gives you an indication. For a more detailed calculation, please contact the Heatness team to ensure that you choose the right heater. We will be happy to carry out a free and non-binding calculation for you.

Power 1 outer wall 2 outer walls 3 outer walls 4 outer walls
300 W up to 7 m2 up to 6 m2 up to 5 m2 up to 4 m2
400 W up to 12 m2 up to 10 m2 up to 8 m2 up to 6 m2
500 W up to 14 m2 up to 12 m2 up to 10 m2 up to 8 m2
600 W up to 16 m2 up to 14 m2 up to 12 m2 up to 10 m2
700 W up to 18 m2 up to 15 m2 up to13 m2 up to12 m2
800 W up to 20 m2 up to 18 m2 up to 15 m2 bis 13 m2
900 W up to 22 m2 up to 20 m2 up to 18 m2 up to 15 m2