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Mobile infrared heater (standing heater/standing device)

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  • easy and mobile to set up
  • hang on the wall with 2 screws
  • very light, easy to take along
  • can be used in portrait or landscape format
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Whether you want more warmth on a cool evening on the sofa, in the guest room or for an especially cosy reading corner: An infrared heater is just the right choice! For even more flexibility, a practical infrared heater is worthwhile. It can be used and repositioned in almost any living room. Here you can find out everything you need to know about our mobile infrared heater.

Infrared heating as a floor-standing unit – what is it?

A floor-standing infrared heater is a mobile heating system. This means that the infrared heater can be used as an additional heater or also as the main heating system in selected rooms. The practical floor-standing unit is ready for use immediately – without time-consuming installation or assembly. The only requirement is a standard household socket in the vicinity so that the infrared heater can be put into operation.

So if you are looking for an uncomplicated heating system and do not yet want to commit to a specific placement in your own home, a mobile infrared heater is a good choice. Here we have listed the most important facts about this practical heater for you:

Infrared heating as a floor-standing unit
  • immediate start-up
  • flexible placement on the wall or with adjustable feet
  • use in portrait and landscape format

Technical data

infrarotheizung-xl-symbol infrarotheizung-l-symbol infrarotheizung-m-symbol
Size 120 x 60 x 2,5 cm 90 x 60 x 2,5 cm 60 x 60 x 2,5 cm
Power 800 Watt 600 Watt 400 Watt
Weight 7,35 kg 5,8 kg 3,95 kg
Position Floor-standing unit/Wall Floor-standing unit/Wall Floor-standing unit/Wall
Series Simple Simple Simple
Protection class IP65 IP65 IP65

Infrared space heater: Advantages of the mobile heater

Flexible positioning and quick use are all well and good, but is heating with a mobile infrared heater really worth it? Here you will find an overview of all the advantages of the standing infrared heater – in short, everything a modern heating system needs to convince in every respect.

Heating with infrared technology

With the help of electrical energy, infrared heaters generate long-wave infrared C heat rays. These cause pleasant warmth to be distributed in the room within a very short time. In contrast to convection heating, it is not primarily the air in the room that is heated, but all objects and surfaces. Thus, the heat is absorbed by walls, ceiling, floor and furniture, stored and only gradually released back into the room. The result: an even distribution of heat.

An infrared heater not only provides the ideal room temperature, which is comparable to natural solar heat, but in addition, unwelcome air turbulence can be successfully avoided when heating with infrared. This is particularly beneficial for allergy sufferers, contact lens wearers and people with sensitive mucous membranes.

Fast heating with mobile infrared heaters

The infrared heater stands out not only because of its state-of-the-art infrared technology, but also because it is quickly ready for use. To set up the mobile infrared heater, all you have to do is clamp the feet to the frame, place it near a power source and switch it on. And that’s it!

The feet are quickly mounted and guarantee maximum stability on various floor coverings. In this way, they make it possible – in just a few steps – to heat a specific area. In addition: Since the feet can be mounted individually, this also means that you have the free choice between portrait and landscape format.

Infrared space heaters for standing and hanging

Another great strength of a mobile infrared heater is its flexibility. Whether portrait or landscape format, wall mounting or infrared heater to stand on: No other heating source can be positioned in a specific place within such a short time.

The infrared heater for floor standing can therefore not only be set up in selected rooms with practical feet, but can also be hung on the wall. This is not least because the mobile infrared heater is very light and flat.

For wall mounting, you only need to drill two holes – with the help of our supplied mounting template. The heater can then be mounted on the wall like a picture. A heating panel in size L offers exactly the right amount of warmth – no matter in which room the infrared heater is used (approx. 10m²).

Where is the mobile infrared heater used?

A mobile infrared heater can be used wherever there is either no stationary heater or the current heat output is insufficient – regardless of whether you decide to mount it on the wall or attach it with stand feet. The infrared floor heating is particularly suitable for the following areas of application:

Infrared heater as a floor-standing heater – Useful information about the purchase

Before you decide on an infrared space heater, you should know a few important points. How much does a mobile infrared heater cost? What size heater should you choose? And how should the standing infrared heater be placed to heat the selected room as efficiently as possible?

Infrarotheizung stehend neben Sofa
Hängende Infrarotheizung neben Couch
Infrarotheizung stehend neben Sofa
Hängende Infrarotheizung neben Couch

Costs for mobile infrared heaters

The question of the price of a mobile infrared heater cannot be answered in a general way. The costs always depend on the dimensions of the room and the size of the heater required (M-XL). This makes an infrared floor-standing heater considerably cheaper than a permanently installed convection heater.

Heater size for infrared floor-standing heater

You can find the right heater size with the help of the following size table. Please note that the heatable room size is given for normally insulated rooms with a height of 2.5 m. The height of the heating element is given in the table below. For better or poorly insulated rooms, the heatable room size may deviate upwards or downwards. If in doubt, we recommend the larger infrared heater for installation.

Heater Size Heatable
room size*
Dimensions Electrical power
infrarotheizung-xl-symbol 15 m² 60 x 120 cm 800 Watt
infrarotheizung-l-symbol 10 m² 60 x 90 cm 600 Watt
infrarotheizung-m-symbol 7 m² 60 x 60 cm 400 Watt

*These figures are based on a well-insulated room with a room height of 2.5 m.

Placement of the upright infrared heater

Another tip: If you want to heat a very large room with a mobile infrared heater, it is best to choose several medium-sized panels. Place them so that the heat waves can overlap. The right placement of an infrared heater can make a big difference in terms of efficiency.

Thermometer für die Infraro

Mobile infrared heaters with thermostat

All Heatness® infrared heaters have built-in temperature sensors that automatically switch off the unit if it overheats. If you want to regulate the temperatures even more precisely, you can additionally equip the infrared floor heater with a thermostat plug.

From the simple thermostat plug to the radio plug with remote control, you will find different variants in our range. No matter which model you finally decide on: Infrared heaters with a thermostat enable particularly precise temperature regulation. This means maximum efficiency in power consumption and optimal timing when heating. For example, you can preheat the room before you enter it.

How safe is the infrared floor-standing heater?

All our mobile infrared heaters and floor-standing heaters comply with the applicable safety regulations – as confirmed by the radiation experts at Seibersdorf Laboratories:


At this point we would like to point out that a mobile infrared heater works best when its radiation can spread unhindered throughout the room. Therefore, make sure that you do not cover the running floor-standing infrared heater with objects, furniture, clothing or the like.

However, if there is a risk of overheating, our heaters are – as already mentioned – equipped with practical temperature sensors.

Our infrared floor-standing heaters are also ideally suited for use in the bathroom, as they meet the IP65 protection class. This means that the infrared heater in the bathroom is splash-proof and can be used in wet rooms without hesitation.

Buy an infrared heater floor-standing heater at Heatness

If you are looking for an uncomplicated, mobile and efficient heating method, the infrared heater floor-standing heater is an excellent choice.

Quick to set up, flexible and versatile, and an extremely pleasant source of heat: We think that’s not a bad combination! Try it out and enjoy your new infrared floor standing heater!


Infrarotheizung Standgerät neben einer Frau auf einem Sessel

FAQs: Frequently asked questions about the infrared heater floor-standing heater

Which infrared heater is recommended?

Choosing a suitable infrared heater always requires some planning. For heating that is as flexible and versatile as possible, the infrared floor-standing heater is the best choice. Equipped with practical feet, its position can be changed at any time as desired. It also provides pleasant warmth in practically any room.

How much electricity do infrared heaters consume?

Infrared heaters often have a bad reputation because they run on electricity. However, they are very efficient and help save heating costs. With the help of a thermostat, the heater is automatically switched off as soon as the desired room temperatures are reached. This means that electricity is only consumed when heat is actually generated.

What is an electric infrared heater?

Infrared heaters are heaters that are operated with electricity and generate infrared C heat rays. When heating with infrared, all solid objects in the room (e.g. pieces of furniture) are heated. These absorb the heat and gradually release it back into the room. This results in an even distribution of heat.

What are the advantages of our infrared floor-standing heater?

The infrared parking heater from Heatness® convinces with its many advantages. It is a particularly flexible heating system that can be used in many rooms. It can also be used as an infrared wall heater or with feet. And best of all: it provides the desired room temperatures in the shortest possible time.


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