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Infrared heater for the desk

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  • Cold feet? Not with the infrared desk heater!
  • Warmth creates joy and productivity.
  • Fast heating time of only 5 minutes.
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Do you have trouble concentrating because the cold pinches and the draught grazes your ankles? Is work no fun because it’s just too cold? Especially for your workplace or anywhere else where your feet are freezing, our infrared heater desk is the solution to bring confidence back into your daily work routine – because as we all know, a cold is not far away when your feet are cold!

Thanks to its compact design, this heater fits under any desk and provides pleasant warmth as well as a working atmosphere: Here, warmth creates joy and productivity! Alternatively, the Simpel Mini model can also be mounted on the wall or under the tabletop (mounting material and feet included).

Technical data

Size 30 x 60 x 2,5 cm
Power 100 Watt
Weight 2,8 kg
Position Schreibtischheizung
Series Simple Mini
Protection class IP44

Where is the infrared desk heater used?

Whether in the home office in your own four walls, in the children’s room or at the regular workplace in the office: The infrared desk heater by Heatness is suitable for working in private and public areas. The heater under the desk provides cosy warmth while working, studying and doing homework. Thus, the infrared heater for the desk can be used flexibly!

No matter what desk activity you are doing: You will feel the pleasant warmth on your feet and legs. So you can fully concentrate on your work without freezing – both at home and in the office!

Infrared heater desk – advantages

We spend most of our time at work – office workers spend 6-8 hours a day at work. Due to the lack of movement, it is not surprising that we get cold quickly – especially when the outside temperature is low. Most of the time, the cold spreads mainly to the feet and legs – concentration is out of the question!

But the infrared heater desk puts an end to shivering at the workplace once and for all. It provides selective, quick heat so that working becomes a pleasure again. Here is an overview of all the important advantages of our infrared desk heating:

  • precise warmth at the workplace
  • energy-saving and environmentally friendly heating
  • comfortable warmth in a very short time
  • better blood circulation in the legs
  • individual comfort temperature at the workplace
  • improved room air without dust turbulence

Safety with infrared desk heating

All our infrared heaters guarantee the highest level of safety because they comply with the applicable limit values. This has also been confirmed to us by the radiation experts at Seibersdorf Laboratories:


Gutachten Seibersdorf Laboratories

This also applies to our infrared heater for the desk. Here, too, all safety regulations are met, so that you can use this high-quality heating system at your workplace in a relaxed manner and without any worries. However, we recommend that you do not touch the heater during operation. The heatness® heating models must also not be covered.

Buy an infrared desk heater at heatness!

Do you wish for pleasant warmth on bitterly cold working days? Are you therefore looking for an efficient heating system that can provide a comfortable temperature for your feet and legs? Then our infrared heater desk is exactly the right choice! With its timeless design, high functionality and safety, it is the perfect heating system for the workplace at home or in the office.

FAQs – frequently asked questions about the infrared heater desk

How does the infrared heater desk work?

The infrared heater desk does not heat the room air itself, but emits heat waves that spread out in its surroundings. Because it is mounted on the underside of the desk, the infrared rays first hit the foot and leg area. In this way, localised feel-good temperatures can be provided before the rest of the room is also warmed up.

How effective is an infrared desk heater?

Heating with an infrared desk heater is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. With this effective heating system, the entire room does not have to be heated first to feel pleasant warmth on your feet and legs. On the contrary: the heat spreads to the desired area first, so that no energy is wasted.

Why an infrared desk heater for the workplace?

Due to the lack of movement during office work, it can quickly happen that one gets cold. To counteract this unpleasant cold – especially in the foot and leg area – an infrared heater for the desk is worthwhile. It provides pinpoint warmth so that joy and concentration return to the workplace.

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